Running free

Welcome to a developers sport site.

Me finishing the ATG-Winterlauf in 2019

Hi, my name is Michael, I'm a software engineer and when I don't sit professionally on my arse in front of a computer, you'll find me running, cycling or swimming somewhere.

This page used to be only about my cycling activities. These days I see myself as a proper friet-athlete, enjoying cycling, running, swimming and french fries, preferable the Dutch variant. Therefor, some statistics will include the overall numbers of mileages, altitude and duration, while others are restricted to cycling only.

While looking at cycling stats alone, I rode 111794km since 2009-01-01 in total. That was an average of 604km per month. The worst month was December 2011 with 106km, the best month was July 2022 with 1670km.

I track my mileage on bikes with this site, together with some integrations to my Garmin Archive (Checkout Garmin Babel if you are interested in that). I keep a local overview here and I'll answer most follow-requests on Strava. I'm somewhat proud of my progress since 2017 and created a dedicated achievements page in late 2023. The submenu on the gallery link will take you individual pages containing pictures I created while exploring my area and other beautiful places.

Please have a look at the history page if you are looking for the older versions of this site and the content that has been originally created for arc42 by example. The Spring Boot based version of this site ran from 2014 until late 2023 until it has been ultimately replaced by a lightweight Python / DuckDB based version.

Standing on the shoulders of giants — I'm very happy to use the following technologies and framework amongst others to build this application:

DuckDB  Python  Flask

Sources for the database schema and the site-generator are here: michael-simons/biking3.