Reading odometers since 2009.


The below table has been the original reason for this site and dates back to a time when there was no Garmin, Strava and all of that, but only non-smart tachometers. I used to look once per month on the odometer and write down its value which is also the reason for the database model (an absolute mileage value per month and then deriving all other metrics from that).

Sometimes people ask me for recommendations: I like Specialized bikes, they usually fit me quite well. I'm pretty agnostic to saddles as long as they are wide enough. I do prefer hard ones though and bib-pants with good cushions. Most bikes I own are equipped with a SQLab 612. As much as everybody wants to be the next Peter Sagan or Lotte Kopecky, we probably can't, even though we would be able to buy the same gear as they use. I'd rather invest into a mid-range frame instead, the best possible mechanical shifting solution and put the remaining money into a proper good wheel set.

Name Bought on Sold on Favoured in Last mileage
TX1000 2012-11-05 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017 20528.00
Diverge 2015-02-06 15080.24
Road 2008-04-18 2012-11-05 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 14382.00
Synapse 2018-06-18 2018, 2019, 2021 13348.95
Open 2019-04-12 2020 11432.20
Tarmac 2020-06-22 2022, 2024 9808.94
MTB 2007-08-02 2012-09-30 6451.00
RR 2010-04-10 2014-12-09 5618.00
Diverge 2021 2021-07-29 2023 5362.19
Niagara 2014-02-11 2018-09-01 2014 4283.00
Allez 2020-03-18 3184.03
Epic Evo 2019-11-19 2021-06-02 1684.20
Papas Rad 2015-09-18 1159.96
Brompton 2017-07-26 2020-05-25 743.00
myownbike 2014-05-17 2017-12-31 524.00

I guess I am not good at selling bikes and I prefer to keep them around these days.


I prefer Saucony shoes, especially the Guide 14 for daily use. I bought a couple of them while they were still availble. The Guide 15 feels a tad bit better, but you get wet feet the moment the surface is just slightly wet.
I usually use a pair of "every day" trainers for a lifespan between 500 and 1000km. The Guide 14 has been proven to be on the upper end of that.

Here are a couple of shoes I liked:

Saucony Guide 15
Saucony Guide 15 after 558km.
Saucony Ride 15 TR
Saucony Ride 15 TR after 553km.
Saucony Guide 14 #2
Saucony Guide 14 #2 after 582km.

I started running in September 2017 when it was still quite warm. I used normal sport shorts and functional t-shirts for that, nothing fancy. I do remember the first winter using quite some warm garment (actually, a jogger-suite normally predestined to be used in front of a TV) and even put on a woolen hat.
At least the latter changed a lot: Even in the winter months you'd usually find me running with just functional underwear and some running shirt. If it's below 10°C I'd usually use long tights and some light pullover. I hardly use anything for the head anymore. Depending on the pace and whether I had time for warm-up, shorts maybe fine, too.

The faster you get, the fewer cloths you want to have on. It's easy as that. And for me personally, I prefer running with as few things with me as possible. Hard to believe, but I do leave the phone at home most of the time. I neither use running belts nor dedicated backpacks. On really hot days with long trainings I usually carry a simple bike-bidon with me.